About Us

Our passion is a healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Cbdays.hu was created to provide even more space to call for the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

We have been living restricted and closed for a well known reason, which undeniably affects our physical mental health.

Our motto is, "It's easier today to be healthy than you think."

But what do we mean by that?

CBD? Essential oils? Yoga? Meditation?

Surely these all come together and in all four topics we see that there is still work to be done to get the information to as many people as possible.

Our secret goal is to create a national community where like-minded people can exchange ideas and share each other's experiences on common topics.

If you consider our mission to be sympathetic and would like to see articles on similar topics, you can use a follow-up on Facebook and Instagram to let us know that you like what we are doing here.

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